CD - Review von "BRINGERS OF DEMENTIA" auf MFGReview vom Juni 2008


Even if you probably have never heard of them I think it's time for you to meet an Old School Death Metal band from Germany called Zerogod . They have just released their first LP and as I know the singer I thought I'd take a look and was positively surprised.

The 5 musicians from Pirmasens have been around for a while and their several years of experience show on the album which is diversified and has a lot of humorous moments to sport. (Song titles like “Die hippie Scum” or Den frühen Vogel frisst der Wurm”) Considering their musical direction I think it could be best described as a mix of traditional old school death metal with groove and grindcore elements. Vocals are part German and part English reminding me sometimes of Cannibal Corpse (text wise). The album was recorded in a semi-professional studio leaving a few negative impressions at minor points but overall the sound is decent and far away from a low budget garage production.

Thilo “de HASS” Haas and Raphael “de RALLE” Bohrer shred their way through the sometimes very fast and at other times groovy death metal pieces while supported by the dead on drumming of David “de DAVE” Rothhaar and the bass parts of the lovely Nicole “die GOOHL” Kochert. Surprising are especially the deep growls of Florian “de FLO” Höh who has an impressive pitch range. Overall I really like their al bum Bringers of Dementia and can only recommend Zerogod to every death metal enthusiast.

At the moment the band is looking for a new guitarist to fill the whole that Ralle left when he had to give up his position due to personal reasons.